Testimonials — See what industry leaders are saying about Dave and Michelle…

Not your ordinary industry leaders - a perfect blend of technology and social networking. They have proven that you can use the Internet AND build a huge networking business.

Dave and Michelle never compromise the human element of the industry. They know and understand the value of building solid relationships around the world.
— David Schwind, Internet Copywriter
When your dreams and goals hold a greater priority than the obstacles that come your way, only then will you have your dreams.
— Dave Lovett, Leader
Watching Dave on stage was fascinating. All the enthusiasm you would expect from a person with a dream!
— Zig Ziegler. Author and Speaker
Dave is a very accommodating leader. While working with him opening a new country, I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend him and his team. Amazing with team building, developing leaders and creating a great positive atmosphere.
— Jim Dornan, Amway Crown Ambassador
Top producers and leaders. Dave and Michelle are solid leaders on my team. The mark of great leaders are to be great followers. They set the bar high but they never ask more of their team than what they are doing themselves.
— Ray Higdon, Internet Blogger and Networker
Not a lot of people can continually inspire and motivate that way Dave does on stage. He is unique and very passionate. You’ll laugh, cry, get mad and fall in love with your dream all over again. His wife Michelle is a jewel and worthy teacher, mentor and counselor as well. You will not misunderstand the point she is making when you ask for advice!
— Tim Foley, NFL Pro Player Miami Dolphins
Dave is what I would call a solid 5 star leader. In other words, I give him a 10 out of 10.
— Jim Rohn, Author and Trainor
Spending business time and social time with these two fantastic leaders have been some great experiences for me and my family. Dave and Michelle are gracious, smooth and — perhaps most importantly — very well tuned in to the meeting the needs of their team. At the end of the day, however, they are just ‘kick back folks’ with a big dream to help others.
— Larry Thompson, Herbalife Executive and Trainer
They are people who make things happen.
— David Wood, Founder Empower Network
Excitement in a package! His enthusiasm and zest for life are example setters.
— Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones, Author and Speaker