Dave's Private Consulting

Specifically, I provide a wide range of programs to help you set up and run your Internet marketing and sales funnel.   

Unlike other coaches, mentors and advisors I can meet you at your level of expertise.  You can 'do it all' or have us 'do it all for you' and anything in between.

I would love to help you but it all depends on your budget, what you already know and what you need to have done.  Custom counseling is no problem and I would be glad to assist you with a personal private bid.  

Contact me directly for details, bids and services offered... (916) 484-3711

Oh, BTW, if you are already on my team, just take 20% off every area except the last one!


> One on One Consulting, Counseling and Coaching - $200/hour*

Just need advice on buying the right programs, blog platforms, Facebook, Craigslist, online lead generation areas and the 'how to' on getting it all working?  



>> Help On Sales Funnel Set Up - $1000/mo* - 2 mo minimum 

So you want to do it but need some as your sales funnel gets set up.  Step by Step instruction.  I take you by the hand and lead you through each area.  Domain names, hosting, blog setup, landing pages and contact management needs.



>>> Sales Funnel Set Up and Monitoring - $3000/mo (1) - 3 mo minimum

I get it that you just want me to set it up for you but turn it over to you AFTER it is up and running.  No problem.  Once it is created, operational and up and running, we'll take you by the hand to give you the controls. We'll even monitor the system for you and make adjustments at our suggestion and/or your request.  You don't need to do anything but let us show you where to find your real time prospects.  Just let us know how many leads you want everyday!



>>>> Complete Sales Funnel, Monitoring, Personal Call Backs and Sign Ups For You - $6000/mo (2)  - 3 mo minimum

This is ONLY for those on my team.      A complete turnkey system.  Everything completely done for you.  From set up to sign up your business will be moving!  Sales funnel, Lead generation, contact management, call backs, follow ups and real sign ups! You can rest assured that you will have a complete system and that system will keep you in the game! Also, it just makes sense it if you are on my team because your success is my success. We'll run your business just like we run ours! There is a limit on how many we can do so you may have to wait until an opening is available.




*These do not include software purchases, advertising costs, hosting, domain names, lead purchases, etc.

(1). Includes: Personal Blog set up, Landing pages, contact management, videos, Lead source setup, lead software setup, etc.  Advertising setup on Bing and Facebook if necessary.  Leads can be provided by email to you or you can have them phone you directly. 

(2).  Includes all of (1) and moves the prospect to our calling centers to pre qualify, sort, live follow up and the actual sponsoring of that lead directly for you.  You don't have to set it up nor are you having to follow up!  Also, it does include all software purchases, $200 a month advertising budget with Facebook and Bing, monthly hosting, domain names and lead purchasing.  Turnkey.