Getting Duplication in 4 Easy Steps

Recently I listened to a CD that reminded me again that many people are trying to get everything done by themselves.  They talk about duplicating.  They talk about building a team.  They talk about how important it is to have duplication.  

The sad fact is that most do not and will not be able to duplicate themselves UNTIL they stop doing everything for everyone.  Or, they put in place a very simple duplicable system.

By our very natures as leaders, we want it to grow and go NOW.  We know we can make it happen so we just start to out work it. More time and more results but it's all about our work ethic and not about finding others.  

First of all, make sure that you have in place a system that ANYONE can duplicate.  We teach showing a video to someone showing the plan because it is so easy to duplicate.  We teach going to the events since ANYONE can show up.  We teach Showing the Opportunity, STP,  2 - 3 a week - every week regardless if a prospect says yes or no. We teach listening to a CD everyday so we keep ourselves motivated and educated.  We teach using your own product basically because it just makes sense.

That's a simple system. 

 I believe most people do want to duplicate but oftentimes we make the process so complicated they just don't know what to do.

There are some steps that will help but prior to using these steps, make sure that the people that you want to duplicate you really are wanting to duplicate you.  Not everyone really wants to duplicate or even build the business.  They may just want to use the product.  

By following these steps with everyone on your team you'll quickly discover the people that want to duplicate.

It's about duplication.  It's about other people following the same pattern.

The 4 easy steps boil down to just simple steps:  Tell, Show, Watch and Go!  Let's say you want to have more duplication on people showing the opportunity by themselves.  Let's walk through it quickly:

1.  Tell:

Teach them your STP process with a very simple outline.  Tell them what you are going to do on an appointment, what is going to happen, what they would be watching and what order you are going to do the presentation. 

2.  Show

Actually, go with them on their first TWO appointments and do the entire presentation yourself with them being totally quiet.  All you want them to do is observe.  

3.  Watch

On the Third appointment, have them do the first half of the presentation and you do the second half (that way you can clean up any thing that was messed up).  On the fourth appointment let them do the entire appointment.  You can evaluate later on the way home but you keep quiet during this one. 

4.  Go

Go downline, go wide or go to another new person and repeat the steps.  Just go!  If you have trained them properly, they should be fine.  I usually will be available for 3 ways or followups but not for showing the plan.  They know what to do and it's time for them to go and do it!

It's not easy leaving them.  It's not easy moving on.  You want to help but the problem is that if you are doing everything for them, why do they need to learn?  I have had to pull back on several occasions when I realized that the group was relying on me to do everything.  Just disappear! Go.

Tell, Show, Watch and Go!