Gear Up For 2015

New Year, New vision, New goals and New excitement!  

Now it's time to get going again and set your activity to meet your dreams.  Let's start by taking care of business.  Your business.

The basics always work and when I am faced with getting 'back in the game', I revert back to doing the basics.  

Here's some helpful hints:

1.  Get on the CD of the week/month program for your business.  That way you will be getting the most current and important information for your business.  Start listening to 1 CD EVERY day.

2.  Attend all live events: national, regional and local.  You can start showing up and get around other winners that are making things happen in your company. Association is such a key ingredient for success.

3.  Start using all the products.  Order and use the products that move your business forward.  It's hard to sell or recommend something if you are not using and buying yourself.

4.Get a free copy of Earl Nightengale's "The Strangest Secret" and listen to it.  It's a classic in the industry and 50 years later it still hits the mark.  Just google the the free recording.

5.  Start reading 15 minutes a day from any book, blog or online website that gives you positive and uplifting information for you and your business.

6.  Get a new customer for your business.  maybe they are not even interested in your business but they love the product.  Help them get started and collect some extra bonuses.

7.  Follow the sponsoring pattern for your business.  Mine is very simple:  Make a list, contact the people on that list, show the business opportunity to those that want to see it, sign them up or keep following up until they do sign up and then rotate this pattern.  

Review your personal vision, goal and/or dreams at least twice a day.  Once in the morning and again as the last thing you do before going to bed.  

See you at the top!

Happy New Year!