Drive Deep

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Want to create some major momentum on your team?

If you are in a binary plan and you really want to create some MAJOR momentum then you are in for a great ride.  

Most are looking for money at the beginning and making your business profitable is very important.  But the fastest way to create long term profit is to look at your business as business.  Here's a statement you may want to remember:  


That's right.  If you just run after the money then you may make a few hundred quick dollars and be very proud of yourself.  Unfortunately, you may have missed out on thousands or even hundreds of thousands with the same effort.

Let's look at structure to see the difference.  In a binary there are only 2 legs so to make any money, you need to keep adding people to both legs.  In the beginning, most rookies chase after a few pennies trying to keep them balanced.  

They tend to sponsor 1 in one leg and then place 1 on the other.  Or if they happen to have some spill over from their upline (the Community leg), already in place, they will place both on their weak leg thinking that someone is already in that leg and they want a binary bonus.  Both of these are mistakes! (Unless that is the only way to make money in your binary.)

If there are bonuses for sponsoring, bonuses for lifestyle or group size regardless of the binary leg placement, then the best approach is to go to the leg that is the Community leg and sponsor a ton of people straight down in that leg.  

Create a firestorm of new people coming in the same leg by having everyone of your new reps do the same as you are doing.  Everyone feeding the Community leg straight down!  Have everyone do it and have them continue to do until they max out the other bonuses.

Let's say, as an example, you get an extra $300/month when your total personal group size is 12 people regardless of what leg.  What would motivate people more:  1 or 2 people downline or an extra $300/month after their first 30 days?

If you sponsor 2 or 3 in your first 30 days and they do the same then the most you have is a small amount of momentum off your effort.  You split up your effort in half trying to feed both legs.  You have a very small chance of making any kind of momentum.

No one is really seeing any major benefit.  Not a real proof of any momentum nor of you helping your team because you are running between both legs. You may not even get to the extra bonuses because they may drop out before you can get enough going on.

If you put the same 2 or 3 in the same leg, then everyone gets the benefit of your efforts and the efforts of everyone else.   Even the bottom person has a mindset that in less than 30 days they can have the $300 bonus coming in because everyone above him is getting it and is focused on momentum and long term profit.  You proved that it can be done and you have a strategy to help them too!

Soon everyone is duplicating and huge numbers are coming in below them.  Everyone seems to be getting the bonus and no one wants to be left behind so those that just were watching for a few days or weeks become excited because you are focused on putting a lot of people below them. 

You keep sponsoring and keeping placing people straight down from everyone else.  Even if you have to sponsor all 12 people yourself, you have proved that the strategy model works.

Once you get it out of control and you've talked to your upline mentor, then start your 2nd leg and do the same thing.  

Remember the key is that EVERYONE is sponsoring straight down - EVERYONE!